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UPSC IFS 2023 Mains Exam Time Table Released: Check Exam Dates

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The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has officially released the schedule for the UPSC Indian Forest Services (IFS) Mains Exam 2023. Aspirants looking to embark on a career in the Government sector can find the detailed exam dates in the table below. The Mains Exam consists of Paper-I and Paper-II, and the schedule for both papers is provided for your convenience.

Important Note: Make sure to mark these dates in your calendar to ensure you are well-prepared for the upcoming examination.

UPSC IFS Exam Dates 2023

Here are the scheduled dates for the UPSC IFS Mains Exam 2023:

Date & Day Forenoon Session (9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon) Afternoon Session (2:00 PM to 5:00 PM)
26/11/2023 (Sunday) General English General Knowledge
27/11/2023 (Monday) No paper (Rest Day) No paper (Rest Day)
28/11/2023 (Tuesday) Mathematics Paper-I / Statistics Paper-I / Zoology Paper- I Mathematics Paper-II / Statistics Paper-II / Zoology Paper-II
29/11/2023 (Wednesday) Physics Paper- I / Botany Paper –I Physics Paper- II / Botany Paper –II
30/11/2023 (Thursday) Agricultural Engineering Paper –I / Geology Paper- I Agricultural Engineering Paper –II / Geology Paper–II
1/12/2023 (Friday) Agriculture Paper- I / Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science Paper- I Agriculture Paper- II / Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science Paper- II
02/12/2023 (Saturday) Forestry Paper- I Forestry Paper –II
03/12/2023 (Sunday) Civil Engineering Paper –I / Chemical Engineering Paper –I / Mechanical Engineering Paper –I / Chemistry Paper- I Civil Engineering Paper- II / Chemical Engineering Paper –II / Mechanical Engineering -Paper II / Chemistry Paper- II
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How to Download the UPSC IFS 2023 Exam Schedule:

To access the detailed schedule for the UPSC IFS Mains Exam 2023, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official UPSC website at
  2. Navigate to the homepage.
  3. Click on the ‘UPSC IFS 2023 Mains Exam Time Table’ link.
  4. Review the provided dates and timings for each paper.
  5. Download the schedule for your reference.
  6. Print a copy of the schedule for easy access.
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